Bomber Jacket: Lisi


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  • Bomber Jacket: Lisi
  • Bomber Jacket: Lisi
  • Bomber Jacket: Lisi
  • Bomber Jacket: Lisi
  • Bomber Jacket: Lisi
  • Bomber Jacket: Lisi
  • Bomber Jacket: Lisi
  • Bomber Jacket: Lisi

Treat your dog with Fashion!

The classic Bomber Jacket, Lisi is custom-tailored with soft, matte, water repellent fabric, tailored to fit your hound comfortably. Navy cuffs makes gorgeous contrast to the classic taupe on the main jacket. The jacket is layered with a contrasting magenta mesh lining for durability and comfort. Two small zipper pockets (are real!) on the chest area are good for your hound to carry his/her poop bags or treats!

The Lisi jacket is designed to have a comfy fit and fabric suitable for local weather!

If you have a small dog with smaller chest area, the pockets can be instead be sewn on the sides. Happy to discuss the details.

More Woofy details about the Bomber Jacket.

* Designed and hand sewn in Berlin, Germany by HappyStaffyMe

* Fabric: 100% water repellent polyester

* Care instructions: Preferably hand-wash or dry-clean.


Taking measurements are straight forward and only takes a few minutes. It will make sure the jacket looks great, fits your dog perfectly and allow him/her to move freely in it.

All you need is a measuring tape and some treats for a cooperative dog! Please refer to the measurement guide in image and video for reference. Perhaps the measuring tape is not your best friend, Ginger and Bear is happy to provide a free measurement service at a venue of your convenience. We'll be in touch once you place the order.

This jacket is custom tailored and handsewn, please understand and allow up to four weeks for sewing the individual garment.

Measurement points
Point A - Neck width
Point B - Distance from neck to front legs
Point C - Distance between front legs
Point D - Front leg width
Point E - Full body girth, measure from highest point of the back across the chest bone, 
Point F - Body length, measure from the neck (point A) up to the base of tail
Point G - Chest size, measure directly behind the front legs, at the widest point
Point H - Length between points G & I
Point I - Waist, measure the point where the jacket should end. NOTE: for male dogs please deduct up to 10 cm
Point J - Full lower body length, measure from neck (point A) to the point where back legs start. NOTE: for male dogs deduct up to 10 cm

Why we love HappyStaffyMe!

HappyStaffyMe based in Berlin, is an extraordinary designer who loves both fashion and dogs. Their attention to details make their outfits one-of-kind and well-tailored, without missing functionality and comfort for the dogs.

Giving back is part of HappyStaffyMe's philosophy. They support various animal welfare organizations to which they contribute with 5% of their income. 

Chica, the shop dog, is a rescued Staffordshire Mix. Though she was abused in her earlier years and her leg was broken, she remains a playful, loving and full of trust. Now she is a senior lady, retired and working as a part time model for shop.

Measurement Guide. Check out the shop dog of HappyStaffyMe, Chica. What a supermodel!


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