Dog Toy: Boiled Wool Pakman


Enemy monsters:

    • Shadow, nicknamed Blinky, character Oikake (Chaser) [Red]
    • Bashful, nickname Inky, character Kimagure (Fickle) [Blue]
    • Pokey, nicknamed Clyde, character Otoboke (Feigned Ignorance) [Yellow]

Pink monster Speedy, aka Pinky (Machibuse, the Ambusher) has most likely disappeared outside the maze or eaten by Pac-Man. 

Eat all your Pac-dots and go for the Power pellets! Look out for the Cherry fruit! Only with Power pellet, you can eat the monsters! Good luck! PLAY!

Squeaky monsters made out of 100% boiled wool, handmade through felting.

Recommended care instructions: Machine washable, wool wash cycle, in cold water and laundry bag. Drip dry thoroughly laid on cloth rack. No dryer.

Without machine, wipe down using cloth with light vinegar or sodium bicarbonate.

Recommended storage: Sponge down a saliva-laden toy with paper towel, before storing toy in cool, dry, airy place.

Sizes: approx 10cm

This is a fair trade product that provides employment to women in Nepal. 

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