BillyWolf: The Squeaky Squirrel


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  • BillyWolf: The Squeaky Squirrel
  • BillyWolf: The Squeaky Squirrel

How many breeds of Squirrels are there in Singapore? The most common breed is the Plantain Squirrel, extremely adaptable in our habitat and identified by 2 cream and black stripes sides and orange belly. The Cream-coloured Giant squirrel last sighted in 1995 is possibly extinct. If we are lucky, we may catch sightings of the Shrew-face Ground or Red-cheeked Flying squirrels in central catchment area. 

At Ginger and Bear, we are happy to receive a special variant, the Squeaky Squirrel from the Americas.

Featuring 100% wool face and 100% faux sherpa back, it is filled with polyfill stuffing.

Measurements: 8" by 7" [20cm by 17cm]

Made in the U.S.A. by BillyWolfNYC, a fine canine coatery and American heritage dog clothing company founded in 2010. The brand commits itself to sourcing for vintage, dead-stock, American-made fabric and parts for the unique yet classic look it yields, and to minimize waste. It is their belief that handmade goods from good quality material provide the durability that stands up to mild-mannered and rowdy canines alike. By using existing resources and creating long-lasting quality goods, it is their hope to contribute to a more sustainable future for humans and dogs.

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