BillyWolf: Fisherman Rope Chew


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  • BillyWolf: Fisherman Rope Chew
  • BillyWolf: Fisherman Rope Chew

This all-natural rope chew toy is an instant hit with medium to large dogs. Great for a game of tug-of-war, or a relaxing chew session. Each toy is handmade in New York by The Knot House, using natural dyes to give each toy a fun pop of color. The yellow toys are created with turmeric. 

Measurements: Length: between 25cm and 30cm. Width: 7cm

Dyed with all-natural ingredients.

Made in the U.S.A. by BillyWolfNYC, a fine canine coatery and American heritage dog clothing company founded in 2010. The brand commits itself to sourcing for vintage, dead-stock, American-made fabric and parts for the unique yet classic look it yields, and to minimize waste. It is their belief that handmade goods from good quality material provide the durability that stands up to mild-mannered and rowdy canines alike. By using existing resources and creating long-lasting quality goods, it is their hope to contribute to a more sustainable future for humans and dogs.

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