Book: Find Momo


Momo is a Border Collie with perfect sit/stay and an instinctive player in hide-and-seek, who gets to travel to different parts of North America with his best buddy, Andrew Knapp.

This book is of spectacular photography of the countryside and cities in North America. In each photograph, Momo hides while you search for him. 

It's just like Where's Wally. But don't worry if you can't find Momo, the answers are at the back of the book!

The layout and design of the book is neat and clean with short excerpts about Momo as a dog and the places Momo travels with Andrew. Go Find Momo and check out how special Momo is.

Perfect for any dog-crazy self or friend, this book offers hide-and-seek fun and beautiful, well-composed images, that you will come back to over and over again. 


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