Book: Dog Years: Faithful friends, then and now


Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really. ~ Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Your dog is sluggish, sleeps more these days, didn't even hear you come through the door. You remember it wasn't too long ago he was a boisterous puppy who could stop at nothing. 

Dog Years documents the lives and short stories of thirty dogs. Through these portraits of puppyhood and again in late adulthood, photographer Amanda Jones reveals the unique spark of personality that lasts a life time. These beautiful and thought provoking images of thirty dogs ranging from great danes, golden retrievers, pugs to french bulldogs are accompanied by reflections of their loved ones on their lives shared with their furry companions. The result is a celebration of each dog and tribute to the relationships we share with our four-legged friends.

An acclaimed photographer, Amanda Jones shares her 20 year collection of smart, beautiful images of dogs through greeting cards, stationery and books. What Ginger and Bear also loves is that 5% royalties of images go to supporting innovative shelters and rescue groups. Simple cards, images, letters and images add up to more happy and healthy dogs. 

How to measure your dog

Take 1 tape measure and 1 dog (and maybe some treats).

Measure neck size for collars

Take measurement round the base of neck, with 2 fingers slag (UC). Then choose the collar size to match the measurement.

(Do not measure old collar.)

Measure girth for harness / apparel

Take measurement of the largest part of the chest (LC).

Girth is slightly behind the fore legs (not at the fore legs, 'arm pits').

Then choose the gear that matches your measurements.

Measure torso for apparel

Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail (L).

Choose the apparel that matches your measurements.


If you need further help in choosing the right size, please feel free to contact us woof [at]


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