Accessories: Gemma Correll Kitty Diagram Shopping Bag

Card Holder:

Always get caught having to pay that pesky 5p for a carrier bag?

Fold away and pop in your bag this Kitten Diagram Shopping bag by Gemma Correll. Not only are you helping the environment by reusing this bag again and again. You'll also look super cool doing so!


Velcro sealed fold away shopping bag.
Bag Size: H: 30cm (56 with handle) x W: 40cm
Handle dimensions: H: 26
Pocket Size: H: 13cm x W: 12cm

Print on reverse.

Gemma Correll has a quirky sense of humour and loves to draw her pug. Find her illustrations on books, totes, cards, notebooks, prints and everywhere.

Noteworthy, we are giving 30% of this purchase to pet shelters and animal rescue organization listed in our Giving Back page. Please show them some support. 


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