Ginger and Bear

Submarine is one of Ginger's favourite toy. Bouncy, chewy, she could not get enough of it.


Naming our blog after Submarine, we want to share things that will make living with our family dogs more rewarding. Submarine will be a ledger of the things we learn about and enjoy living with dogs. 


We love to bring our dogs out and they love the car rides. While safety is of utmost importance, we went in search for good functional seat belts and tools to make safer car rides. This is how it started.


Call this a hobby or obsession. We love to travel in both virtual and physical space, to find cool yet functional stuff for our dogs and ourselves. What we find around the world never ceases to awe and excite us. Functional and thought-through doggie seat belt for car travelling, or harness that reduces tugging while walking your dog, or a stylish harness with pockets to store poo-bags, or interactive toys to keep your dogs engaged, or photography books and websites with rare sights into yet another side of dogs we've not seen, iPhone app to teach you how to decipher your dog's barks and body language. The list goes on and on.


Just as we are obsessed with finding good products, we concern ourselves with being environmentally friendly, giving back to animals who love us unconditionally, and promoting responsible pet ownership in our society. We are glad to find online that we are not alone.


Just so you can picture the folks behind these blog posts, I attach here a picture of our pack. Pardon some may not be present for a real reason and the pack leader is wee-bit camera-shy.. But we'll be sure to come back with more photos of our pack.